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Plumbing and Grease Trap Problems at Your Commercial Facility?

Address the grease traps in your Oneida, Rome, Binghamton, Syracuse & Utica, NY restaurant

If you run a restaurant, you probably can't keep up with all the grease you dispose of. Oil from frying meat and potatoes, grease from plates and drippings from pans go in the sink, down the drain, and build up in the grease trap. Drain Masters in Oneida, Rome, Binghamton, Syracuse & Utica, NY has the services you need to pump out and wash your grease traps to prevent clogging and major sewer damage down the road. We even offer commercial grease trapping packages, which include drain and grease trap cleaning services.

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Get rid of the grease

You don't want the grease from your restaurant to build up and cause a blockage or, worse, an overflow. Drain Masters offers the following services to prevent those situations:

  • Grease trap pumping and cleaning
  • Grease trap maintenance
  • Pipe replacement
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Commercial grease trapping packages


Choose Drain Masters to rise to the challenge and remove the grease from your grease traps.